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Our Staff

Head Teacher

Mr. Waller

Assistant Head Teacher/SENCo

Mrs. Middleton

Deputy Head

Mr. Davis


School/Finance Administrators

Mrs. Beddall and Ms. Locke



Miss Quick

Year One

Miss Hughes

Year Two

Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Chater

Year Three

Mrs. Price

Year Four

Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Knight

Year Five

Mrs. Boulton

Year Six/Deputy Head

Mr. Davis

Class Teaching Assistants

Miss Brooks, Mrs. Badham, Mrs. Dickson, Mrs. Shephard, Mrs. Smith, Miss Price, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Minchin, Mrs. Wilkinson

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Subryan and Mrs. Bassett

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs. Thompson, Miss Falwasser, Mrs. Gardner

Miss Turner, Mrs. Elvey, Mrs. Shephard




Mr. Heckford

Cleaning Staff

360 Contract Services Ltd.