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Welcome to Class 1

Class One have travelled back in time to the Victorian era!  They began their experience by meeting the formidable Miss Wilberforce, who was the Victorian school teacher.  They were warned about the punishments including the cane, and some brave volunteers demonstrated the dunce cap, back board and finger stocks.  Miss Wilberforce continued with hand and face inspections for cleanliness and then proceeded with a maths lesson, handwriting, object lesson and a drill lesson. The children were relieved by the end of the school session to discover that Miss Wilberforce is actually a lovely lady called Kerry who was just pretending.  After a short break they headed into the hall to do some drama to find out about the difference between rich and poor, the jobs poor children may have had to do, and some interesting facts about Robert Raikes.  All the children agreed that they prefer school life now.  A huge thanks to parents for supplying children with such fantastic costumes, it really helped to bring the day to life.

We had a busy afternoon enjoying the Easter multi skills sports event at Oxtalls.  There was a great range of physical activities to try from obstacle courses, penalty shootouts, parachute games and dress the Easter bunny, to name but a few.  All of the children demonstrated a super sporting attitude, cheering each other on, and great perseverance and determination.  Well done Class One!

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we tried lots of different activities, from food tasting to creating our own dragon dance! 

The making of 'The Three Little Pigs'' houses

Christmas fun!

It's been a busy start to the term! Have a look at all the exciting things that have been going on!