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Welcome to Year 2

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we tried lots of different activities, from food tasting to creating our own dragon dance! 

We have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We had to describe a 2D shape to our partner and they had to make it with straws. Miss Painter then challenged us to make a 3D shape using straws and blu-tac. They were amazing! Lots of perseverance was needed but we succeeded in the end!!

In Class 2 we are authors. We wrote some amazing adventure stories inspired by the Oliver Jeffers’ book, Lost and Found. We read our published stories to the children in Reception and they gave us a ten out of ten! We challenged ourselves to use some super, spectacular, sensational story language and we are very proud of our finished work.

Year 2 have been designing and making Tudor houses.

They experimented with the wattle and daub technique before creating their own fabulous models.

'Fire Day' in our Outdoor Learning Area