Welcome to Class 2

The Titanic

We have been learning about The Titanic and what happened in 1912. We have followed the journey of Delia McDermott from buying a new hat to boarding the Titanic to finding out what happened on that tragic night. Here we are ordering pictures of the Titanic into a story:

Tennis coaching

We have been really enjoying tennis sessions with Mr. S. from Atlas Sports.

Penguin Finger Puppets

During Lockdown the children designed a penguin finger puppet. When they returned to school they began making them. Here are the finished products!

We are Authors

We have all written our own story based on Judith Kerr’s 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea.' They are spectacular stories with some very naughty animals and horrible disasters.

We are Historians

We have been exploring our family history and have created a Family Tree. Everyone also drew a picture of their immediate family.

Football skills

Class 2 practised their football skills during PE. We had a go at passing the ball, stopping the ball and dribbling the ball.

Class 2 get physical!

Class 2 loved their first session with Mr S. from Atlas sports. The squeals of fun could be heard all around the school field. They played stuck in the mud, cat and mouse and then Farmer’s crops. Great games and great fun!

We are Artists

We have been exploring our faces and drawing self portraits.