We had a fantastic time designing and baking our own bread.

Pru (Mrs Dickson) and Mary (Mrs Hill) thought they all tasted delicious! Well done Mustard table for their winning Olive bread.

A part of World Book Day, Class 2 came in to read to us some of their favourite book and then we read to them! We liked being reading buddies.

We celebrated Chinese New Year with half of the class, as the other half were at Young Voices. We made Chinese lanterns using a weaving technique and tried to be detectives trying to find out who had stolen the dragon’s head (as part of a costume). We had a great time!

We read ‘As the first light crept into the sky…’ from ‘Fly Eagle Fly’, and visualised what the story setting would look like. We then acted out what it would be like to ‘walk’ into the valley, past the river, climb the hillside, and up the side of the mountain.

These are ‘freeze frame’ photos of our drama.

G’day folks! 

Class 4 celebrated Australia Day!

Children learnt interesting facts about Australia; mapped out the states and capitals; baked and ‘taste tested’ some Aussie tucker (Pumpkin scones, Vegemite sandwiches and ‘Fairy bread’); named Australian animals; shared Australian storybooks; and adored cuddling Australian animal puppets and wearing Australian hats.

We had a ‘BONZER’ day!

We do love getting the apparatus out in P.E.!

Our Year 4 pupils had a great morning at the Recycling Centre as they helped to launch the Severn Treescape Project. The aim of the project is to create a 60 mile long woodland corridor that stretches from here and into Worcestershire.

We had a visit by Mandy and Meyrick from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust where the children shared their knowledge of the importance of woodland spaces.

Once we were at the site, the children learned how to plant trees. We planted a total of 50 trees that had been grown by many different community groups as part of the BBC Radio Gloucestershire ‘Ourboretum’ initiative. 

The children did a great job of planting and representing the school. Some of them were even interviewed live on the radio. In years to come, we hope that they remember their morning, and can go and check on the progress of their trees.

We had an exciting session with Alice from ‘The National Archives’ in London to learn about how to be a great Historical Detective, using different primary sources and documents from the past to solve the ‘Treasure Hunt’. We used observation skills to spot and label details to piece together what the documents told them about the past and decide whether they should be a ‘treasure’.  We worked out clues to decide which documents would be ‘very special treasures’ on the Treasure scale. Alice was so impressed by how closely we studied the documents and our enthusiasm for sharing our ideas.

It's Christmas!

We are learning about different monarchs who have had an impact on British History.

So far we have studied William the Conqueror and King John. We enjoyed making our own Magna Carta (The Great Charter) that is still part of our English Law today. We had an area of the classroom set up as Runnymede (area near London) to sign and seal each handmade Magna Carta, just like King John did on 12th June 1215.

Next is Henry VIII, Queen Anne, Queen Victoria and of course our longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

School Council voting

We have been reading 'Wolves in the Walls'. We went outside to practise our drama, pretending to be wolves and plotting mischievous plans! We had great fun then performing it in front of the class.