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Welcome to Class 5

Just back from half term and the children spent a fantastic day learning to build and control a robot using a computer.  The children worked in teams to complete given tasks and win points!  The points were totalled up at the end of the day and the winning team was Shayna, Owen and Dmitri.  So many other teams were really close, gaining lots of points for super teamwork.  Well done to all of you!

At the end of January we visited We the Curious Science Centre (formerly @Bristol).  We enjoyed a hands-on workshop about the Moon, Earth and Sun and learned some very interesting facts.  We then had some time to look around the many exhibits.  The human hamster wheel proved to be very popular!  After lunch we went to the Planetarium for a 3D trip through the solar system.  The children behaved beautifully and impressed the Science Centre staff with their knowledge.

Our Christmas production was centred around the theme of Christmas around the world.  Class 5 presented Christmas in Poland.  We had great fun rehearsing and learning a very complicated Polish carol!  The children acted, read and sang beautifully.

On 21st November we had our Knex Challenge afternoon.  Mrs. Kelly taught us all about engineers and what they do.  We had to work in small teams to design and make some playground equipment.  We had to use different mechanisms such as levers and also to make something suitable for children of all ages.  The winning team was Jessica Smith and Ellie-Mae Righton who created six different pieces of equipment. 

Well done!



This term we had a Dance lesson with Debbie Reid and we learned a Viking Dance! 

We managed to keep our ‘mean faces’ for most of the dance!


We were visited by Dan the Skipping Man and had a lesson which taught us everything from basic skipping moves, up to some tricks and games with the long skipping rope.

We really enjoyed it and learned lots of new things!