Welcome to Class 5

Groovy Greek vases completed!

All finished! Painted in the black figure style. And a few broken handles along the way to add to the authentic, freshly excavated feel. Well done everyone!

Groovy Greeks

After examining the styles and decoration of clay pots, we designed decorations for our own greek-style 'pen and wash' pot illustrations. Then we used the 'pinch' method to form 'kraters' out of clay - pots which were used for diluting wine with water. Once they have dried, we will paint and varnish them. We're trying to wait patiently...

Rocket launching!

As part of our Science topic,  we built and tested our own rockets in order to understand the force of air resistance. We then launched them and timed how long they were in the air, hoping to overcome or utilize the force to aid their flight!